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Our Mission is to be the best partner for educational and medical therapy services, offering innovative and effective solutions, while touching as many lives as possible.

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Who We Are...

Providing The Best SLP Staffing In Philadelphia For Years

Founded in 1978, Nyman Associates has grown to be highly regarded for integrating cutting-edge patient services with top-quality therapists. Our reputation, knowledge and longevity provide an important competitive advantage for our partners in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

With focus on Southeastern PA and Southern New Jersey, we offer speech-language pathology support to area hospitals, intermediate units/early intervention agencies, schools, skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies.

“Our Mission is to be the best partner for educational and medical therapy services, offering innovative and effective solutions, while touching as many lives as possible.”

Are you a Special Education Administrator responsible for staffing positions in an environment where caseloads are growing, budgets are limited, and resources are scarce?

Partnering with Nyman can provide a cost-effective option for extending your resources and bandwidth. With more than 40 years of experience, we have the knowledge to provide our clients with specialized and efficient staffing services, solutions and industry expertise and guidance.

We Care, We are easy to Work with, And We have a large pool of local Resources!

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Contact Us If You’re Looking For Speech Therapists, Physical Therapists or Occupational Therapists For Your Philadelphia School

Find Your School Speech Therapists in Philadelphia PA Today

Federal law requires that states provide early intervention services. Every parent wants their school to have the best speech therapists for schools in Montgomery County PA and throughout Philadelphia. Nyman Associates offers several school therapeutic services and SLP staffing that ensure you have high quality staff to work with your students. Here's what you need to know about our school therapeutic services in Philadelphia PA.

What We Offer

School Speech Therapy in Philadelphia County: What we offer

Speech therapy in South Jersey and Philadelphia is crucial to ensuring that students have the support they need. Nyman has the best  speech pathologists in Philadelphia on staff.

Philadelphia county is a widely varying demographic where many students with communication disorders reside.  Early intervention with a speech language pathologist, or SLP, is essential to ensuring they can access their educational environment. A speech language pathologist works with the individual needs of your students to provide targeted interventions.. 

Whether you need special education staffing or just contract school speech language pathologists, we have the best SLP staffing in Philadelphia. We’re one of the few agencies in Philadelphia that actually offers special education staffing or SLP staffing.

There has been a rise in diagnoses for communication disorders in recent years.  We have experts in autism, dyslexia, auditory processing disorders, social communication, language disorders, and speech disorders.  We can help you find the special education staffing and SLP in Bucks County and throughout Philadelphia to best support your students.

Speech therapy is invaluable in Philadelphia,a city with hundreds of languages spoken . A speech pathologist can determine the difference between a language difference and a language disorder, allowing you to find the best use of your resources.

Why Choose Us

Why You Should Choose Us for SLP Staffing

If your school needs to improve your provision of pediatric speech therapy, then you need a speech pathologist that you can rely on. Nyman Associates offers several school therapeutic services, including:

  • School speech therapists
  • Child therapists
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Several other STS services

When it comes to speech therapy, our services are second-to-none. All of our speech therapists for schools are interviewed and carefully paired with the correct position. We’re one of the few agencies that provide ongoing, on-call support to all our contract school speech language pathologists. We want to make sure that our STS and school speech therapists are the perfect fit for your school.

We will work with you to determine your goals for your early intervention and school speech therapy programs. Then we’ll introduce you to the speech language pathologist that we believe best matches your needs and school culture.

Throughout the year, our agencies will check with you to see if our school SLP is integrating well into your school environment.

Physical & Occupational Therapist

Rely on Our Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist

As well as SLP services, we also have physical therapists and occupational therapists on staff. School speech therapy often benefits from collaboration with other disciplines. Our physical therapists and occupational therapists will work closely with our speech therapists to provide a comprehensive program allowing students to access their educational environment.

Our occupational therapists for schools and physical therapists for schools go through the same rigorous interview process as our speech therapists. The school physical therapists are frequently case managing for students who work with our occupational therapists for schools, ensuring quality communication with the families and school staff.

Physical therapists for schools are an essential part of ensuring students can participate at the highest level of which they are capable. Our physical therapist and occupational therapists for schools can work with your STS provide adaptations and modifications to allow students better access to the school environment and peer interactions.

Child Therapist Services

Pediatric speech therapy often requires close collaboration with a school therapist. Speech and language disorders, especially those associated with traumatic brain injury, are closely connected with emotional and psychological damage.  A high-quality  child therapist and child psychologist is an essential part of the team to help provide a trauma-informed intervention strategy.

A school psychologist is necessary for any students entering the special education system. While a school therapist is useful for addressing emotional concerns, a child psychologist is required to determine eligibility..

A child behavioral therapist is an essential source of guidance for students with behavioral difficulties.  A child therapist is the best source for evidence-based behavioral interventions. 

Like our speech therapist, our school therapist is carefully vetted and matched to the needs of our clients. We are proud to have high-quality school physical therapists, school SLP, child behavioral therapist, and school psychologists in our family.

Start Your Pediatric Speech Therapy Today

Every district is required to have  speech therapists, school physical therapists, and school psychologists as part of your staff. But why settle for just any  speech therapist or school psychologist, when you can have the best?  Choosing an SLP or child behavioral therapist isn’t easy. You may not have the resources available to conduct a thorough search for a school SLP or child psychologist. We can help. Nyman Associates does the hard work for you. Start supporting your students today by giving us a call or contacting us for more information.

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