2020 PCPCS Innovation Conference

A unique guide to attending PCPCS 2020/21 Innovation Conference
Why we recommend attending
Date: Thursday, October 22, 2020 from 8:00am – 4:00pm EDT

Public schools and school systems are not broken; however, they were never designed to maximize the probability of academic success for all students. It will take reimagining and redesigning high quality and effective educational practices to achieve success in our school systems. This must start with charter schools. The foundation of the charter school law in Pennsylvania emphasizes “that charter schools will serve as laboratories for innovation on behalf of all Pennsylvania students”.

There are 3 essential reasons why we think it is worth attending PCPCS 2020/21 Innovation Conference.

1. It is specifically designed for the public-school community. Innovative leaders from across the public-school community are coming together and sharing best practices. There is bound to be much great information to take back.

2. The conference will highlight the most innovative educational practices of our time. Dealing with the pandemic and the challenges it has placed on the educational community, we would need to develop and adopt new innovative practices to ensure student success.

3. The conference is virtual, and although it will last throughout the day, it would allow dropping in and out as schedule allows. The structure of the conference is also concise and presents implementable information. See the attached agenda.

We here at Nyman will be in attendance. Join other educational leaders and us!

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Nyman Education Continuity Plan For 20/21 School Year

Goal: be prepared to delivery exceptional therapy services to our exceptional students in any environment.

  • Classroom
    1. Identify all pertinent sources of information (IEP, case files, logs). Insure online and offline access to information for the school year.
    2. Establish relationships with all teachers and staff. Exchange contact information. Establish frequency of touch points.
    3. Establish relationships with all students on caseload and parents wherever possible. Collect contact information.
    4. Introduce students and families to alternative service delivery mechanisms, such as tele-therapy, as a backup plan only, in case in-person instruction at the school isn’t possible.
  • Community
    1. Establish relationships with Special Education coordinators, other intermediates for case support.
  • Online
    1. Utilizing Nyman’s tele-intervention platform, add all students on the caseload onto the platform and confirm if sufficient technology is available to deliver service remotely.
    2. Add/customize materials on tele-intervention platform to support all students on the caseload.

Expansion of Scope of Practice to Provide Assistance in Responding to COVID-19 Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists

On May 6, 2020, Governor Tom Wolf signed an Order of the Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to Enhance Protections for Health Care Professionals (the “Executive Order”). Its purpose is to afford health care practitioners protection against liability for good faith actions taken in response to the call to supplement the health care provider workforce battling COVID-19.
During the course of the pandemic and the disaster declaration associated with it, the Wolf Administration has used its authority under the declaration to suspend a number of regulations and regulatory statutes. The effect of several of the suspensions is to expand the scope of practice and to relax the supervision requirements for numerous health care licensees, allowing these professionals to perform acts they would not otherwise be authorized to perform in the ordinary course of their practice.
More specifically, as set forth in the Executive Order, “temporary suspension[s] of portions of 63 P.S. §§ 1301-1313, 1501-1519, 1708(a), and 49 Pa. Code §§ 40.22, 40.32, 40.51-40.55, 40.161, 40.165, 40.166, 40.171- 40.173, 40.181, 42.22, 42.23, 45.2, 45.1, 45.14, 45.20” have been granted “to allow occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists and audiologists to perform skills that they are trained for – in settings and under circumstances that are outside their normal scope of practice, with less strict adherence to supervision requirements to provide a measure of relief in staffing shortages should they arise throughout the Commonwealth.” For speech-language pathologists and audiologists, the effect of these suspensions is as follows:
Speech-Language Pathologists may perform the following tasks for the duration of the emergency declaration: swallowing issues; suctioning patients; transferring and positioning patients; history taking and medical screening; monitoring vital signs; assisting with patient/provider communication; providing basic care in hospitals and long-term care facilities (e.g., assisted living residences, personal care homes, “nursing homes”) including activities of daily living such as bed changes, feedings, baths, and the like; tasks lawfully delegated by an M.D. or D.O.
Audiologists may perform the following tasks during the emergency: assisting with patient/provider communication; providing basic care in hospitals and long-term care facilities (e.g., assisted living residences, personal care homes, “nursing homes”) including activities of daily living such as bed changes, feedings, baths, and the like.
A licensee’s obligation to competently perform their duties consistent with their level of training, education and experience is a guiding principle that is both constant and unwavering. Neither the Executive Order nor the temporary suspensions alters that obligation. Moreover, when performing tasks to aid in the COVID-19 response that are outside of their normal scope of practice, licensees (and those working towards licensure) shall not undertake any activity for which they are not already licensed or authorized to perform without first obtaining the appropriate training and support to perform those tasks competently.
The Executive Order shall remain in effect for the duration of the disaster emergency.

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