Nyman Education Continuity Plan For 20/21 School Year

Goal: be prepared to delivery exceptional therapy services to our exceptional students in any environment.

  • Classroom
    1. Identify all pertinent sources of information (IEP, case files, logs). Insure online and offline access to information for the school year.
    2. Establish relationships with all teachers and staff. Exchange contact information. Establish frequency of touch points.
    3. Establish relationships with all students on caseload and parents wherever possible. Collect contact information.
    4. Introduce students and families to alternative service delivery mechanisms, such as tele-therapy, as a backup plan only, in case in-person instruction at the school isn’t possible.
  • Community
    1. Establish relationships with Special Education coordinators, other intermediates for case support.
  • Online
    1. Utilizing Nyman’s tele-intervention platform, add all students on the caseload onto the platform and confirm if sufficient technology is available to deliver service remotely.
    2. Add/customize materials on tele-intervention platform to support all students on the caseload.

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