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Schools that practice early intervention methods need to rely on skilled staff like speech therapists. Early intervention should also include physical therapy and its many benefits. Yet finding those skilled teachers and therapists isn’t always easy. Your resources may not extend far enough to find the exact staff that you need. 

At Nyman Associates, we can make locating speech therapists and physical therapists for physical therapy easy. Here’s what you need to know about our services in Delaware County PA.

School Therapeutic Services in Delaware County, PA

Make Finding Early Intervention Therapists Easy

Why We Make Finding Early Intervention Therapists Easy in Delaware County PA

With something as critical as physical therapy, it’s vital that you have the staff you can trust to help your students. Hiring any staff member for a school setting comes with its risks. Yet you can mitigate those risks by relying on us to vet therapists for you.

We carefully interview and examine every applicant who signs on with us. Of that pool, we only select the best. We understand that when we introduce a possible staff member to your school in Delaware County PA, that it’s our reputation on the line.

It’s why we go the extra few steps to ensure all of our clients are satisfied with their selections. This is done through a thorough process as follows:

  • We interview you and your school
  • Introduce possible staff member
  • Follow-up to determine how staff member performs in your school

The process begins with an in-depth interview between you and us. We want to understand exactly what kind of therapist in Delaware County PA you’re looking for. We also wish to understand the kind of personality your school has to determine if our therapist is the right fit.

From there, we’ll arrange an option for you that we believe best fits your needs. You’ll be able to meet with them and ask them questions yourself as well.

Unlike other companies, we won’t wash our hands of you afterward. We regularly follow-up to determine if the selection was the best one. If not, we’ll take the necessary actions and attempt another interview. We’re determined to find you a high-quality speech therapist.

Due to the lengths we take to fit a therapist in Delaware County PA with a school, however, it’s rare that our clients aren’t satisfied with them.

Trust in Our Quality Therapists

Giving your kids the best chance to grow is important to your school. We want to help your staff as much as possible by introducing high-quality and professional therapists to your team in Delaware County PA. To find out more about our therapists and process, give us a call today.   

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