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Finding an early intervention school therapist isn't always easy. There are several steps that you need to take in order to vet the therapist and ensure they're a great fit for your school. Sometimes you don't always have the resources for this kind of process. 

When you need the hard work to be done for you, you need the resources of Nyman Associates. We locate skilled workers like school speech therapists and introduce them to schools like yours. Here's everything you need to know about working with our speech therapists in Montgomery County PA.

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Why You Should Choose Our Speech Therapists in Montgomery County PA

Perhaps you're used to looking for SLPs on your own. Maybe you don't trust another company to find the kind of speech therapist that your school truly needs for early intervention and other services. These are all valid concerns to have. At Newman Associates, we consider every interaction with our clients to be important.

Our reputation is on the line each time we introduce a school speech therapist with a potential school. Because of that, we strive to ensure that any kind of school therapist or speech therapist that we introduce to you is someone we believe will greatly impact your school and its population.

We take the time to go over every SLP that applies to us. Our high-standards are centered around what we believe schools want in their early intervention school therapists in Montgomery County PA.

SLP Process You Can Expect

The Process You Can Expect to Find an SLP in Montgomery County PA

On your own, you’re going to spend weeks pouring over applications. You may even have to search online and put out classifieds yourself. This takes time and money. You may not have either.

Trusting us to find you an SLP or school therapist that fits your school will save you time and money. We have a process that we bring each school through in order to ensure we can find the school speech therapists that best fit them. That process follows:

  • In-person meeting and interviews with the school
  • Introduction of possible therapist
  • Follow-up to determine quality of work and care

Initially, we’ll meet with your school staff and interview you to determine what kind of therapist you’re looking for at your school. We’ll also strive to understand the kind of personality that your school and its population has. We want to make sure that our therapist feels comfortable there as well and can meld in nicely to the personality the school possesses.

Once we believe we have the therapist in mind, we’ll make the introduction between you two. You’ll be allowed to ask questions and determine if the fit seems right.

After the therapist is hired in Montgomery County PA, we’ll regularly check up with you to further check if the fit is right.

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Finding school speech therapists in Montgomery County PA isn't easy. We can simplify the process. We also have the best school speech therapists in Delaware County, PA as well as other locations across Eastern PA!

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